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BRAVO™ NC Balloon Dilatation Catheter

This NC balloon catheter is designed for optimal post-dilatation of coronary stents. With a highest rate burst pressure and low compliance, BRAVO™ ensure physicians for optimal dilatation and achieve superior stent apposition. Other advantages of BRAVO™ is its low crossing profile and selective hydrophilic coating.

Note: This device has been CE-mark approved.


 BRAVO™ has the highest RBP comparing with other non-compliant balloon catheters on the market. It guarantees safe and adequate dilatation in calcified lesions.

Hiryu NC: Terumo

NC Emerge: Boston Scientific

Pantera Leo NC: Biotronik

NC Sprinter: Medtronic

1Compared for 2.5-4.0 mm diameter balloons


  Low compliance to achieve stent apposition.


 Low lesion entry profile ensures excellent deliverability in tight lesions.

Hiryu NC: Terumo

NC Emerge: Boston Scientific

Pantera Leo NC: Biotronik

2 Compared for 3.0 mm diameter balloons


 Selective hydropholic coating to enhance crossabilty  without compromising precise placement.