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NC Thonic NC Balloon Dilatation Catheter

This NC balloon catheter is designed for optimal post-dilatation of coronary stents. With a highest rate burst pressure and low compliance, NC Thonic ensure physicians for optimal dilatation and achieve superior stent apposition. Other advantages of NC Thonic is its low crossing profile and selective hydrophilic coating.

Note: This device has been CE-mark approved.


 BRAVO™ has the highest RBP comparing with other non-compliant balloon catheters on the market. It guarantees safe and adequate dilatation in calcified lesions.

Hiryu NC: Terumo

NC Emerge: Boston Scientific

Pantera Leo NC: Biotronik

NC Sprinter: Medtronic

1Compared for 2.5-4.0 mm diameter balloons


  Low compliance to achieve stent apposition.


 Low lesion entry profile ensures excellent deliverability in tight lesions.

Hiryu NC: Terumo

NC Emerge: Boston Scientific

Pantera Leo NC: Biotronik

2 Compared for 3.0 mm diameter balloons


 Selective hydropholic coating to enhance crossabilty  without compromising precise placement.