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Our Values


We believe that innovation is the key to medical solutions. It is a spirit of striving for excellence and continuously exploring new opportunities within the field of research and development. With a creative mind set, we endeavor to produce cutting-edge products that combine clinical needs, solid science evidence and outstanding engineering expertise. 


" The concept of quality consistency does not come from quality control, but from each step in the process from design to production.’’ --- General Manager production at SINOMED

Consistent quality is an importance feature next to innovation. It reflects our state of mind and our ability  to produce premium products. We strive for a combination of quality of both design and production. The first ensures the level of innovation that adapts to clinical needs and the latter guarantees consistency in production management and its performances. By pursuing both types of quality, we deliver premium products that are reliable to the user in the short and long-term.


Working together with people from different fields of expertise, industries and countries enables us to attain continuous improvements. Internationalization is a state of mind and implies the ability to learn, improve and excel continuously. In order to ensure innovative and high-end quality products, SINOMED seeks opportunities to collaborate with physicians, scientist, technology company and industrial leaders worldwide.