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About Us

Sino Medical Sciences Technology Inc. (SINOMED) is a global company engaged in research and development, production and sales of interventional medical devices. We offer innovative solutions and high-end quality devices designed to strengthen the confidence of physicians and achieve better patient outcomes.

SINOMED was founded in 2007 by Dr. Jianhua Sun (CEO) . Our headquarter, where both R&D and production take place, is located in Tianjin (China). With a registered capital of 360 million RMB, we have established a more than 6000 m² R&D and production base. There are 2000 m² of class 10,000 cleanroom equipped with world class R&D, production and testing equipment.

SINOMED engages in a fast pace of growth. In the few years since our establishment, we have seen the number of employees increase to 400+. Our R&D division is continuously discovering new fields, which has led to a fast broadening of our product portfolio. 

Our mission is to become, in the field we are in, one of the most important providers for best valued medical devices in the world. In order to accomplish this, SINOMED persists in high core values that are well reflected in our entire product line. Through our efforts, we aim to engage more people to experience the benefits of medical technology development, reach patient longevity and increase quality of life.

In the Eyes of the Experts

"SINOMED is not a me-too company. It brought innovation to China."


Dr. Renu Virmani

M.D., Pathologist, President of CVPath,  Leader of BuMA's rabbit and swine animal study.

''Trying to solve the main problem of DES - the late or very late in-stent thrombosis - by the achievement on  endothelialization, BuMA™ could be a milestone on the way of the development and innovation of DES not only in China, but in the world. ”

Dr. Yong Huo

M.D., FACC, president of Chinese Society of Cardiology, PI of BuMA's PANDA II clinical trial.

“With the safest coating technology available for drug eluting stent, we solved the legendary issue of late thrombosis. It's my honor to work with SINOMED driving innovation from research to product development.”

Christophe Bureau

Ph.D, Founder of AlchiMedics, Inventor of eG™ technology.